DES501 Last blog

Our presentation run sweetly, although a couple members were nervous and unsure still of how much information about the site we have to talk about, all in all I feel we did well. We had minimal if any contact from Reuben, I even allocated easy things for the guy to talk about at the presentation. Also we made our own version of the presentation should Reuben not turn up so either way it worked out fine. The next day after the presentation I volunteered to go through and double check our report along with transferring it to a report format. … Continue reading DES501 Last blog

Des501 Assessment3 blog cont…

After many failed meetings my team started getting worried we were not going to finish the required content for the assignment, although I personally felt like we were doing well even with just Facebook, they decided to organize a meeting with Liz to discuss how to work together better as a team. The main issue was very rarely were the times that we all were available at the same time. After talking with Liz she suggested we have a team leader and seeming no one wanted to do it I put my hand up, the only reason I hadn’t earlier … Continue reading Des501 Assessment3 blog cont…

Des501 Blog Assessment 3 cont..

Our report is well on the way to finished now with almost all aspect identified. Meetings have still been an issue with the usual once a week, but I have managed to get some time off work this last week to focus more on the assignment. I had to have a short meeting with Liz again regarding the wording and essentially understand how much content is actually required because as i said to Liz, we are only explaining and constructing a small part of a system and we could design page after page explaining how the system will work. So … Continue reading Des501 Blog Assessment 3 cont..

Des501 Blog Assessment 3

After assessment two was handed in it took awhile for us to get together and decide on approach for assessment three. Facebook Messenger and Google Docs were still our primary form of communication and in all honesty this method seems to work very well and has made it possible for us to collaborate with minimal physical meetings. The main content for this assignment that needed meetings in order to progress was the mok website page designs, we all met up (apart from one person) and discussed and trialed different design concepts and aspects of our system. We have one member … Continue reading Des501 Blog Assessment 3

Final Assessment 2 blog

Team Reflection: My team relied on me significantly to come up with most if not all of the database and logical model content for this assignment which worked perfectly for me due to the fact that I had a good idea of how it was supposed to function and the content and diagrams involved, at the same time my team quickly set to work on a lot of the other content including persona, website questionnaire and the SDLC, although we have been in regular discussion using Facebook as to what SDLC we will be using for stage 3. For a … Continue reading Final Assessment 2 blog

Individual blog cont…

Reflection: There has been a lot of confusion amongst our team involving the database side of the assignment, and the fact that the database content that is required for the assignment is incomplete and only a small part database has to be put together as best as possible makes it slightly more challenging. There were two words within the marking schedule that confused me, the first was “3 pieces of data identified with some explanation”, the word pieces doesn’t really relate to anything in a database. The other was “4 or more tables designed demonstrating the conceptual or logical modelling”, … Continue reading Individual blog cont…

DES501 Individual blog

Progress: I started off with no team, so when I did join a team I had missed their first meeting but luckily I didn’t miss much and quickly got to know them and instantly cracking on a rich picture while we were together, then we allocated tasks to each team member to start on the assignment. We now have most of the assignment done with regular collaboration via social media with just a few things left to do including conceptual model, the difference between conceptual/logical and another look at if we will use the waterfall model for stage 3 and and … Continue reading DES501 Individual blog